Tips For Class Enrolment and Registration 

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It is important that every student is aware that class registration at university is on a first-come, first-serve basis and they must be well prepared ahead of time. Classes don’t easily get full but there are some commonly-taken classes which could very well get filled up quickly. Additionally it is important for students to get into the classes which they want first time, as taking a second option may clash with plans that they have for other classes. Even if you are looking at staying in a residential college during your time at uni, class registration is still a must, and here is how to ensure that you register and enrol in the classes you want. 

Know Your Classes

It should go without saying of course but it is going to be critical that you have a very clear idea as to which classes you are going to take. In many cases there will be different classes for the same subject, but again you should plan this so that you have sufficient time gaps between all of your classes. All of this information will be available online and you will often have it at your student accommodation too. 

Checking Registration Date and Time 

Once you have a clear understanding of which classes you plan to take, be sure to check when registration opens and then which date and time you need to enrol. Again this sounds very simple but each year there are students who are far too relaxed about this, and end up missing dates or getting confused around registration and enrolment times.  

Pre-Arrange Your Registration Times 

In some cases you may find that the university will actually let you plan a date and time when you will register. If you are able to make an appointment in this way then take advantage of it and ensure that you arrive on time. This will give you the peace of mind that your date and time is set in stone, leaving you able to plan better. 

Having a Plan B

The hope of course is that you get into all of the classes that you want, but it is worth having a loose plan B in place just in case you do not. This will mean that you can manoeuver quickly if you do find that a class has filled up. 

Prepare Your Documents Ahead of Time 

The goal of your class enrolment is for it to run as smoothly as possible, which is exactly why you must ensure that you have all of your documents ahead of time. This kind of information can be found online, on your registration documents and even in and around campus. At Melbourne University accommodation common rooms will put this kind of info up on the wall, which is why there is no mistake for not being prepared. Make sure that you are not preparing your documents the day before enrolment, just in case you are missing something. Get your documents in shape a week before your enrolment date, so that you have plenty of time to chase up any documents which you don’t have to hand. 

This is a very important part of your studies so be sure that you are on the front foot and well prepared ahead of time. 

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