Teaching British in Mexico: British Language Teaching in Cancun Part 3


Listed here are much more job options …

Within the last articles we spoken about language schools and institutes. This short article features Bi-lingual schools, Pre-Schools, Primary, Secondary and college-prep schools which heavily accent British within their programs and therefore are seriously seeking native-speaking British teachers for British along with other classes. You will find a number of them because of the influence of tourism because the principal area industry. So, polish your resume, apostil your diplomas and dive in.

Materno, Kinder and first schools:

These schools have the ability to students solely in school through primary school – usually to around the 5th grade (as much as 10 or 11 years of age). British is conspicuously featured within their curriculum and experienced, native-speaking teachers genuinely have a very good possibility of being hired. Although wages are generally corresponding to experience, some adjustments and “bonuses” are possible. Work can also be available tutoring private students, parents and family people. Most schools are fairly small with between 40 to 100 students maximum. Facilities vary a little in one to a different, but they are generally quite good by Mexican standards. Call, fax, e-mail, snail-mail or write for that latest details and openings, before organizing to have an appointment.

Instituto Madero

S.M. 50, M-23, No. 253

Fraccional Costa del Marly Cancun

880 – 7707

Colegio Hamilton

Calle Bug No. 394

S.M. 51 Residencial Monaco Cancún

880 – 6958

Colegio Bilingüe Alexandre

Avenida Labna No. 59 S.M. 20, MZ. 14 Cancun

Telefax: 884 – 8628

E-mail: morsan1@groo1.telmex.internet.mx

Website: [http://world wide web.alexandre.com.mx]

Centro Educativo Edzna

Margaritas No. 49 S.M. 22 Cancún

884 – 0286

Instituto Benavente

Mojarra No. 14 S.M. 3 (in the Avenida Nader) Cancún

884 – 4626

Grade levels come from school and pre-school to primary with a few British being trained whatsoever levels. They’re certainly looking for some experienced teachers, but prefer bi-lingual teachers as almost all staff people are non-British-speaking Mexicans.

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