How to Tackle the Challenges in GATE Exam Preparation

Students often face many challenges while preparing for the GATE entrance exam. Even if the students are aware of the challenges, they are unable to process solutions for the same. In this article, we will discuss the major issues and how to tackle them so that students can properly prepare for the entrance exam to the best of their abilities.

How to Tackle the Challenges in GATE Preparation

GATE is a national-level entrance exam for students seeking admission into master’s programs like MTech/ME at top IITs, NITs, IIITs, etc. Let us know about some of the challenges that students face while preparing for the exam:

Managing Entrance Exams with College

Most students who apply for this entrance exam are college students, who are already preoccupied with classes, studies, and events. GATE preparation adds up another thing to their To-do list. Amid all the college stuff, picking the entrance exam books for preparation for one of the most competitive exams is a difficult task. Managing time for all these things at once becomes problematic.

While the course syllabus is somewhat similar to the college and entrance exams, some topics are different. Multitasking may look difficult, but there are ways to manage things.

  1. a) Start Early

Don’t wait for the last year of college to start preparation. The key to success and less tension is to begin early. This way, you will have less pressure and more time to cover each topic along with college studies.

  1. b) Make a Strategy

As important as it is to set goals, it is vital to make a suitable plan to achieve the goals. Without a formal plan, you may lose motivation midway. It is better to properly plan things and accommodate all the subjects, topics, and other things as per the time you have at hand. Make sure to include your college routine, GATE exam preparation strategy, topics, and how you plan to cover all subject areas, and revision sessions.

  1. c) Time Management

Time management is a vital tool that can make tasks look simpler and achievable. A student with so much to do must manage time for studies, leisure time, daily tasks, and everything.

2.Lack of Proper Guidance

Another challenge faced by students is a lack of support and guidance to clear the exam. Students are unaware of the GATE exam pattern, type of questions asked, preparation strategy, reference books, etc. Let us know the ways to tackle this issue.

a)Toppers Talk

After the GATE entrance exam results, toppers talk is released in which toppers talk about their preparation strategy and how they managed to crack the exam. These videos will help you not only guide you on how to plan your strategy but also keep you motivated. You can learn a lot from them in terms of books to read, notes to read, test series to join, and more.

  1. b) Coaching Institute

If it is possible, you can join coaching or classes to guide and help you with the GATE exam preparation online. These offline/online institutes also provide resource material which will again help you to prepare well.


Despite a well-planned strategy, you can end up wasting a lot of time due to distractions. College is full of surprises- events, workshops, fests, and whatnot! Amid all the distractions, it is important to keep yourself on track to avoid lagging behind in your preparation. Here’s how you can manage distractions:

  1. a) Manage time: throughout the day, manage time for all types of activities including studies, fun, events, and other important things. Make sure you are giving your full focus to each thing that you are doing at a particular time.
  2. b) Take breaks: Do not overburden yourself with back-to-back study sessions. Take proper breaks in between study hours to let your brain relax.
  3. c) Include Rewards: If you have a college fest coming up, pace up your study time for a few days. Then, reward yourself by taking a day off from study at the time of the college fest. This way you are keeping yourself motivated to study hard and at the same time enjoying important college events.

This brings us to the end of the article. We hope that these solutions help you in your preparation for the GATE entrance exam. You can also visit CollegeSearch to know about the latest information and important dates regarding the GATE entrance exam.

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