Human life has multiple phases and we go through various transitions. One of the biggest and most significant transitions is that of moving to college. Starting college can be a bag of mixed emotions, especially when you are moving away from home. Just the idea of living away from home can spark excitement and thrill, but it can also set off anxieties. Living away from home for the very first time is not easy. The place where you will be staying will impact your academic and personal life. So you need to be more mindful about the place that you are choosing. When looking for student housing you need a place that stands apart and provides you with all the comforts of home. The Arc Winnipeg Student Residence is the ideal option. What makes them the perfect option? Read on to find out.

Room and related amenities

The kind of room and the amenities offered by the residence is the primary consideration when making a decision. The Arc offers state of the art residence to all students. The suites have a modern feel to them with floor to ceiling glass windows and contemporary furnishings. The room has a Full XL bed, a kitchen or a kitchenette, a desk and electronic keys. As the internet is central to a student’s life, the residence services also offer high-speed internet. The internet is included in the rent. Apart from this, the building also has a study lounge, a high-end gym and a dedicated business centre.  

Centrally located

Many students tend to burn the midnight oil to finish their homework or study. It can easily make the best late for early morning classes. Sometimes, we feel too lazy to make a move on time. The residence needs to be centrally located so that you can reach for your classes on time. The Arc Student housing is centrally located. As we all know, there is so much more to college life than just academics, you need to go out and explore. The Bus stop right in front of the building. This will help you to go around the town easily.

Convenience Stores and other businesses

When you start to live alone, suddenly all the responsibilities fall on you. Adulting is not always great, and it is very natural to forget to do things or not be able to find the time to do them. Many times the thing that gets impacted the most is our eating habits. When the grocery stores are at a distance, it can 

make a grocery run seem like a dreadful errand. The Arc Residence understands the struggle. There is a Real Canadian Superstore which is right behind the building. Whatever you need, you can simply rush out to get it. Apart from that, there are multiple commercial businesses on the ground floor. If you love to eat out, there is a treat for you too. There are many great restaurants nearby that you can explore.


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